Cádiz, 1986

Freelance illustrator

I like nature in general, animals in particular and cows especially. I’m a curious traveler and I’m always cold.

I studied Fine Arts and Scenography and started working as an art director and props artist in 2011. In 2017 I studied Illustration and established myself as a freelance illustrator. As a teacher, I have given workshops on drawing, cyanotype or stamp carving.

I use different techniques, from digital to traditional ones like gouache and graphite, and less frequent ones like cyanotype or embroidery to give life to a universe of delicate shapes and soft colors.


Graduated in Fine Arts (University of Granada)
Master Degree in Advanced Ilustration
Master Degree in Scenography for Theater, Film and Television (TAI, Madrid)
Master degree in Advanced Ilustration (Estación Diseño, Granada)
Master Degree in Secondary School Training (Universidad Internacional de Valencia)


Bichos Editorial, Editorial El Gusanillo, Sonámbulo Ediciones, Amistía Internacional España


2022 La ley del dogal, Juan Bolinches, Editorial Gusanillo
2020 Tilde de San Agustín, Márgaret Yedra Contreras, Bichos Editorial
2019  Felicidad por Supervivencia, Juan Antonio Alañón Pertínez, Sonámbulo Ediciones


2019  Una de Dos (Cádiz)

You can download my portfolio by clicking on the following link.